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Shower Door Options

Shower Door Glass and Easy Clean Glass Options a Nu-Star Company

Nu-Star Frameless Shower Doors options our unlimited with the widest selection of glass types in the industry. Upgrade standard clear glass to pattern glass, ShowerGuard® glass, tinted glass or patterned glass types to accent your bathroom decor.







Glass Options

Heavy Glass


        heavy glass


Nu-Star Shower Enclosures offers several trim levels of sliding door enclosures, from the basic up to the luxurious Heavy Euro and Apollo series. Framed sliders have metal all the way around the glass while frameless sliders have clips holding the top of the glass.




Nu-Star Swing Shower Enclosures is pleased to offer several trim levels of swing door enclosures. The Nu-Star series is our standard line of semi-frameless enclosures, which just has metal on the door jamb side and bottom of the door. The Craftsman series feature fully framed doors (metal all the way around the glass). Both are available in a nearly unlimited number of configurations.

swing shower doors


Cast Glass

Nu-Star would like to introduce you to our new line of ultra premium art glass shower enclosures. The three dimensional character of art glass provides a beautifully stunning alternative to the premium heavy glass units more commonly available. Now, for the first time, your shower enclosure can be the gem of your bathroom.

Nu-Star offers many stock patterns from which to choose, but there is no limit to the design opportunities. You can give us a drawing of your own design or offer your ideas and have our artists design a custom pattern for you. Let your imagination run wild. Do you want your shower enclosure to reflect your hobby, your family, your favorite place in the world? All these are possible with Nu-Star  Art Glass. Possibly you are looking to buy premium shower enclosures for a hotel. Why not let us put your logo in each door? The glass is fabricated to accommodate Nu-Star heavy glass hinges, clips, pulls and towel bars.